Modifying existing order


I’d like to know what exactly is the process of order modification? Suppose that the strategy decides to move a limit order from price 1000 to price 1001. Does it mean that the initial limit order is canceled and new one is issued at the new price? Or is there another mechanism?

Thanks in advance.

Currently I believe a vendor would need to go to the ‘trade’ menu and find the pending order under ‘recent trade blotter’, and using the ‘Xrplc’ (cancel and replace) function so literally rather than editing an existing order it cancels the exisitng one and issues a new trade.

From a software developer’s point of view (i.e. someone writing an C2 compatible autotrading client software program), you will see the following sequence when polling the C2ATI:

Initial order appears

Cancel for initial order

Once cancellation is confirmed as received by your client, new (replacement) order appears

In other words, you do not need to develop any special mechanism to handle XRPLCs. It’s all done through the “primitives” of cancels and newsignals.