Possible to change pricing?


For other broker system like JTrader, Strategy Runner, after I send the order like Buy Stop @ 1345, I can change the price to 1355 even the order is activated but not filled. Is it possbile to do that with C2? Do I have to cancel and resend a new order with new price?

It’s called a Cancel and Replace (XRplc).

You can do this manually through the order entry screen by clicking XRPLC, or you can do it through the API by issuing a cancel, and then a new signal.

Just be very careful when you do this with parked orders. If you currently have a buy stop parked for later time, and the current price is above your stop price, C2 will fill it immediately at market when you click on XRplc when you want to make a change to the order. In that case, this is better to cancel the order and place a new one.


- Fanus

I see. Thank you for letting me know. Wish API have the cancel and replace feature to save time. Now I know what to do for now.

Thanks for helping me increase my IQ by one points. :slight_smile: