Matthew: Problem when adjusting orders

Matthew: This may have been written about before, but I want to add my view re what I find to be the most frustrating thing about order processing in C2:

When trailing a stop entry order above or below market prices it’s possible to change the associated stop-loss and profit target, but when I try and change the entry price (using Xrplc) I get the entry price changed, but the stop-loss and profit target disappear, and an error message tells me it’s not possible to change orders that are no longer pending.

Of course that’s nonsense: all three orders (the entry, the stop-loss, and the profit target) are still pending.

If this problem could be fix I (and others) would be eternally grateful, as the only solution at present seems to be to cancel the old order and re-enter it with the new prices, which must confuse clients.

I’ve sent a note to them explaining the situation, but it must make manual trading of C2 systems a pain.



I understand. I’ll need to work on that.

I agree. Thanks for looking into this Matthew.