Stats not altogether correct

Hi there,

I was going through our stats today, and it states that we’ve been trading for 6months now and that 3months have been profitable; therefore it gives us a 50% accuracy rate. That’s not correct. It’s only been 4months and we’ve been profitable 3 out of the 4 months. Could you please correct this? Thank you. Marlene


July was break-even for you. C2 treats break-evens as losses, effectively, due to the fact that slippage, commissions, and fees would push any true break-even month into the red. Thus the stats are indeed correct.

I did not trade on this platform in July. I only started trading with C2 the beginning of August.


For the sake of statistical bookkeeping, C2 treats break-even months as losses. You didn’t trade during the month; the month was flat; the month is therefore treated as a loss. Such is life. Let’s live, and learn, and move on. It really ain’t a big deal.

What I’m trying to say is, I only joined C2 the end of July and started trading the beginning of August. I never had a break-even month in July because I was not a member of C2 in July. It’s not right to penalize me for a month that I did not belong to this platform. It is a big deal because if you want to give a % statistic, do it right or don’t do it at all. Thank you.[LINKSYSTEM_50975319]

That is not correct. Your system was created on 2010-07-09 17:18:24 Eastern time.

They always say people in glass houses should not throw stones

I just looked at your system it says it started 7/9/2010 (5 months ago)

I looked at your trade list you had almost 20 trades that opened in July.

How can you say you joined at end of July?

If you cannot remember this simple easily checked fact why should anyone trust you by subscribing?