More missing threads


I see there are more missing threads on the Hawk-FX board. I am waiting for a clarification from the system developer on what happened to these posts. If it turns out that he removed these posts because there was negative information I must add my voice to the protests about system developers being able to censor comments they don’t like. I feel that goes against the whole idea of this site. When a system developer does not trade his own system and costs his paying subscribers money he should have to answer for that. Any system creator has an obligation to his subscribers to answer legitimate questions about the system. No response at all or the removing of posts is unacceptable. Please protect the entegrity of your site Matthew.

Again, I don’t know the specifics of that particular system or forum, but – as a more general point – I agree that I will need to alter the software so that vendors cannot remove forum threads. I’ll try to get to that within the next week. Thanks for the feedback.

There are exceptions to everything…

I deleted a thread from my system, Sliced Bread, because it was started by someone who obviously didn’t know how to use the Forums — He was commenting on someone else’s system! It simply belonged elsewhere, as it had nothing to do with Sliced Bread.

That is a legitimate moderation action but even if the change is made so system owners can’t directly moderate they can always ask MK to delete/move inappropriate threads which is, IMO, how it should be.

Great, that sounds very fair to me.