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Did you delete my comments?

Yes… and mine too, since I regret the entire thread. There’s no time or room on these forums for arguments, blame, or finger-pointing. Run your system, take a deep breath, and let’s all move on and do our best - myself included.

then my suggestion to you/ I do not know when new hardware will be in place but of out courtesy at least I’d appreciate to have somewhere in site a system status which would show whether the site is running slow. It would at least to prevent many from entering orders and avoid any problems in future/


How about committing to drop all development on the preview/beta site until the old site is rock-solid with redundancy?

We have redundancy, Jeffrey. That is why you are seeing the site up and running right now, despite a hardware failure this morning. In fact, we have more redundancy than people probably realize, including multiple data centers, backbone providers, and multiple business relationships with hosting providers.

Matthew, my mistake. With redundancy in place, what does it mean when I fail to get signals for prolonged periods of time and continually fail to access the site, seeing only "bad gateway" errors?

Means things are much harder than they seem from the sidelines.

That’s a complicated answer, but I think I catch your drift. I hope all turns out well.

"Means things are much harder than they seem from the sidelines. "

chuckle. One of your better comments, MK

2 Veteran Wall Street

Actually I monitored your complains before the complains were deleted from the forum. The complains were really funny, imho.

1. You’re publishing signals at C2. So main point is timestamps of your signal. Delays of C2 is irrelevant, because you suppose to trade your system in real time or at least you suppose to have independent data feed, because C2 doesn’t provide real time quotes.

2. Shit happens. If your trade 20 cars of copper you probably have emergency plan if technicality something is going wrong. I mean simple thing if you lost connection from one internet provider, if you lost connection form back up internet provider, if you lost connection form your cell phone internet provider(backup of backup) what you’re going to do yourself with 20 cars of copper where every tick is significant (by your words) with the kind of load? The kind of shit happens. Why you don’t have emergency plan for your subscriber in first place?

3. You don’t make any money at C2 from trading. Period. C2 isn’t a broker. C2 is a publisher of your signals and you’re making money from your subscriber. So saying I lost 1K, 2K, 3K or few millions, because C2 was slow is … well… at least bad taste if you trade your system yourself.

I don’t argue a simple fact that C2 had some technical problems. I argue your blames or your interpretation of C2’s technical problems.


P.S. I’m not affiliated with C2 (smile)