Modified Forum Software

80% of my day consists of getting really angry emails from people. Of those emails, 50% of them complain how stinky the C2 Forum software is.

Yeah, I wrote my own forum software instead of using off-the-shelf stuff, because I thought I could tie it more tightly to C2 and add some nifty features.

In response to angry, angry emails, I’m trying to “dumb down” the forum software a bit, and make it more standard. No more heirarchical trees – now all threads will be posted in chronological order. I am hopeful this will make the threads more inviting to read.

This is a work in progress. There may be some new bugs introduced with the upgrade. As always, let me know and I’ll work on it.

Thanks, its easier to read long threads now but its still stinky imo :wink:

I dont bother posting when it messes up the “New Message” count or flagging threads that have new messages with the red star which really dont as these happen constantly. So many basic features missing, like the ability to edit something after you post, quoting, proper hyperlinks, subscribing to threads.

Oh well, as long as you are having fun rolling your own…carry on

Actually I’m not sure if this is an improvement. Looking at the long thread over at Hawk-FX, its easier to read but now you can’t tell who is replying to what since most people don’t bother to quote the person or post they are replying to and tangential conversations invariably happen.

If you aren’t going to show what post each post is in reply to then perhaps you can just include some text at the top of each post saying that this post is in reply to the post from author XXX at YYY time. Like if I replied to my last post it would say, “Reply to Pete’s post of 2/17/06 (11:20)” and perhaps include a hyperlink to that post.

Good points. Give me a day or two to implement something.

FYI Matthew, I’m sure there are plenty of us relatively “silent” types that aren’t “angry”. I guess you are probably going to get mostly complaints in emails. But I for one greatly admire what you are doing here. This is probably the best place on the internet to really evaluate trading systems. I’m really starting to see the light beyond the “hype” and sales letters of ALL who come to me with offers of the “holy grail” system. I’m learning so many different styles and they ALL have pluses and minuses. Just by following the forum and the information about each system, I am developing my own ability to scout out systems that fit my mental makeup. So I say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and poo to all the whiny butts :slight_smile:

My only real complaint about the new format is the significantly smaller font. These old eyes… At least my laptop has a “magnify” feature.