Mr Goldman Trading System (NEW)

Hello to everyone within this trading community.

I started a trading system of my own to track my personal trading results as well as offer a subscription service for those interested in my trading signals.

I named my system Mr. Goldman because of my respect for the success of the large US Investment firm which I have many wonderful friends who are intelligent traders who work there and have taught me a lot about finance.

About me: I am from a middle eastern country that is a large oil exporting nation and have studied commodities, especially oil & natural gas extensively. My father raised me to be a steward of my family’s wealth, and my family is largely dependent on how we position our businesses to succeed in the oil & gas industry.

I went to the USA to study my secondary education, and completed my degree in business finance and natural earth resources. My professional career has been involved with trading equities, commodities, studying portfolio theory, and analyst roles. I am also involved working with my brothers and my father with our business interests back home.

The goal of my system is to make profitable winning trades on a steady basis, sustain only moderate volatility and generate substantial risk adjusted returns. I will trade most exclusively commodity related equities and products. This system is designed to be considered Moderate/Aggressive, and to be used as a sleeve in a broader diversified portfolio.

Discount code subscription to my trading service for only $39.00 per month first 3 months:


Normal Price is $99.00 per month

Here is my trading system details:


good fortune!.