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Hello fellow traders, hope all is as well as can be expected in these trying times. I’d like to have a word with you all. I thank many of you for the constant support keeping us at or near the top on the grid in many categories for about 5 months now. In my opinion, I would not put all your eggs in 1 basket but would consider 3-5 high quality systems that have been successful through any market environment. I’d like to thank my 9 new subscribers this week and I welcome you to take a real good look at my systems and decide if TQQQSQQQ or TQQQMAX are right for you. Both are virtually the same with Tqqqmax being slightly more aggressive. I’ve charged as much as $200 for these systems but current price is $95. Please check out all my 5 Star Reviews. New highs today.
Thank you and have a blessed day.

So far so good, keep up the good work.

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Thank you so much, really appreciate it. I would have just said thank you but needed to fill 22 characters.

First off let me say, there is no quicker way to get rich than compounding money boy. I’m ALL about compounding money and nothing feels better.

Futres, Forex and Option systems are just gimmicks. they tend to implode, I’d stick to ETF Systems and a few etf systems are returning similar returns if not much better with less risk in my opinion.
I would subscribe to etf only trading systems, not those gimmicky types, not even stock systems as a single stock can wipe you out. Find yourself 3-5 truly bonfide leaders with experience and diversify. Do not join systems that stay dormant for a long time as this is a clue that they are confused and do not know what they are doing, not to mention draining your subscription fees.
Furthermore, I trade more than just 2 ETFs, I know a lot of you simulate some systems instead of joining which is smart since you can guess what they’re trading.
TQQQSQQQ and TQQQMAX may increase in price but anyone that joins will be grandfathered in at $95. I have charged as much as $295 so this is a terrific deal.

Leveraged ETF are not “safer” or more profitable than other financial instruments, especially if the trader is investing for the long term. In fact most people do not fully understand the hidden dangers of leveraged ETF. This Investopedia article explains a few of them:

That said leveraged ETFs do have excellent upside potential, but they require perfect timing and very strict money management rules.

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Maybe you don’t understand ETFs then.

What Is a Stock Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)?
A stock ETF, or exchange-traded fund, is an asset that tracks a particular set of equities, similar to an index. So if Aapl crashes and burns to zero, your etf may barely move. ETFs rock.

So indices like the S&P 500 never crash I guess. And please note that I was talking about leveraged ETFs, not ETFs in general.

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I was talking about ETFs and I know stocks that have gone to 0 but as far as I know, the S&P has not.

They say the biggest drawdown is always in the future…

Yes ETF offer diversification and allow the traders to invest in hot sectors, but they are not any better or “safer” than other financial products, that was the point I was trying to make.

And of course my posts have nothing to do with your (good) systems, I was merely responding to your comments.

Ok, not sure if you’re just trying to get the last word in but yes, ETFs are INFINITELY safer than owning 1 stock, and a SP500 ETF which has over 500 stocks would be much much much much much much much much less likely to go to 0. Next.

Soybeans, coffee, wheat, sugar or Yen futures cannot go to zero too, so what?
Does it mean that these financial instruments are “safer” than stocks simply because their value cannot drop to zero, according to your logic?
Come on.

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Welcome to all my new subscribers today, everyone that joins will be grandfathered in if I raise prices. Feel free to subscribe, you are more than welcome here.

Hmm…what happened to the equity curve (90% gain in the month)? lol… There was a huge spike today? Is that a C2 error?

Just a reverse spike. A lot of anomalies.

That’s weird. It’s showing a bid draw down on my watch list. C2 has had some odd pricing errors lately. One weekend I woke up and saw that everything was up or down 200%

There’s a lot of risks to leveraged ETFs, but, like stocks, you can choose ETFs that have less risk. First, don’t buy ETNs. ETNs depend on the liquidity of the issuing financial institution. If the company goes bankrupt, so does your investment.

Second, don’t buy ETFs in securities that are volatile enough to lose 100% in a day. All of the VIX ETFs that went bankrupt a couple of years ago are a perfect example. A VIX move of 30% in a day will wipe out a 3x leveraged fund.

Lastly, don’t buy ETFs that invest in instruments with a steep curve in their futures structure. Today’s rollover in crude is another great example. To hold one contract of CL during this rollover cost traders almost 30%.

I only trade UPRO and SPXU which meet all of those criteria. Even though it’s 3x leveraged I know I’m not going to get that performance, but in my experience, it’s the easiest and safest way to leverage for most people who understand the risks.

So let’s guess, you are long SPXU today.

3 successful systems as of posting, normally $195 but with this coupon price will remain $95 for 12 months for TQQQSQQQ. For TQQQMAX and ETFEXTREME, join for $195 and every other month there on will be $95. (I ask that no one clutters my thread with comments.)
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Just wanted to say to the general public, I received a pm. today from someone who willingly decided to join my system this month saying that I’ve had so many good reviews but he’s disappointed with MY results. Well I’d like to say you just never know and all my systems may go to zero so look out. Now I don’t have to respond every time someone begins to complain about their choices in life.


Should Tqqqsqqq be ranked 460 down from 1st several weeks ago?
Tough crowd. Don’t care just amusing.
At least Tqqqmax is in the top 10 percentile.