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its better to publish yourself after at least 3 months of records ans 40-50 trades.

most of the profit is from the first trade so you should check if you can make it on regular basis
again i wish you good luck

Thank you for the recommendations and feedback Tsvika. I look forward to working very hard on Mr Goldman to make it a good long term choice for investors on C2. I agree that time is very important to see more of a track record and get more people to be comfortable with the system. I only will be trading commodity related stocks, so I think my system is best to be used within a portfolio of other systems & strategies to diversify risk. I know where my specialty and expertise is and I do not want to stray from trading what I know. Even if I do not get a lot of subscribers, I know there is value in having my trading record published and tracked so I can ‘prove’ to potential business partners that I am a successful trader.

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