My system doesn't update

My system" Indices trader"doesn’t have a chart since it started . If a system doesn’t have a chart, people will not look at it.

Now when I close my position, buying power is not updated. This prevents me from making next trades.

I emailed help desk on Wen, she replied the same day, she saw my system, but she didn’t fix it.

If I don’t post here, the problem will not be fixed.

I just don’t get what I paid for.


Hi, Wang:

I’m sorry for the trouble you have had.

I have forced a refresh of your chart, and am looking into the cause of the problem.


Yes I confirm that Matthew, the new trading systems on the "Latest Additions" page have no chart at all, even though you can clearly see the "Recently Closed Trades" on the system details page.

Even worse, some systems display the number of trades (example 12 trades) but the chart AND the closed trades are both missing from the page (or only a few are shown), see for yourself (unless you fixed the problem in the meantime):