System not updated


My auto-trading got fouled up today, so I went to the system page on the C2 website for help. For 3 hours before the close, it gave information that there were no open positions while at the same time displaying an open P/L of minus $1006. This persisted despite several reloads off the data. Both of these postings were incorrect and obviously impossible. I thought this was supposed to be kept up to date for system subscribers ? The only thing that updated was the orders.

Hi, Carstan Psp:

The aggregate summary stats on the system page can be delayed. (We try to limit the delay in summary statistics, but they can and do occur.) The "canonical" data – that is, the data you can trust to be timely and up-to-the-minute fresh – are the open trades and closed trades lists. These describe the open p/l of the system.

You can also see up-to-the-minute results of your brokerage account in the "Open Positions" screen of the AutoTrading menu.