Nasdaq 100 Options

What symbol would I use on C2 webtrader to view Nasdaq 100 options. In thinkorswim the symbol is NDX. In webtrader I am able to find options for SPX just like I can in thinkorswim etc. but I can’t get it to pull up anything for NDX.

I don’t think they have it here. Probably because liquidity isn’t even at the same level as SPX. You might have to use QQQ. Some brokers cap the commissions so you may not need to trade that larger product.

good point. I was planning to use QQQ as a backup but hadn’t noticed how low the liquidity is on the NDX options.

QQQ options are probably way better since the spread is also pretty small most of the time. NDX options have pretty wide spreads and depending on which strike they can offer little open interest too.

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