The Fed cut of 50Bps

My first comment is WTF. Why have they just cut a massive 50bps. Surely that will not work in the short and medium terms and it may in fact cause more panic in itself. Everyone needs to be careful here as the G7 was a side show (nothing agreed) but Trump is damaging the economy now by upsetting the Fed and forcing their hand. For example the liquidity requirements will not last long with banks losing an chance of a profit on falling rates. So, I see them being less happy with mortgage lending and that will cause trouble in the housing market which will cancel any good news like this. The Fed have given up on the economy if they keep cutting from here. It would have been a better move to do 25 Bps and say they would do another emergency cut at any time. That would have stopped any aggressive down moves. Just look at the 2 year yield - disaster!!!

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orange man bad? …… LMAO!

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I am not sure if he is bad mate but is most defo very clumsy. He just focuses on one thing and that’s a child’s attitude.

Bigger picture is sometimes out of sight to most.

Yes the bigger picture is looking better each day. We all now know the big picture - I think its now a debt crisis (again). Commodities look interesting but we should wait for the US Dollar to weaken. Keep safe!

if you liked half a point… you’re gonna love a point and a half