Net Profit Margin Update - 1/24/19

One of the main reasons Net Profit Margin maintains a 25% recession probability in the next 12-18 months is the inverting yield curve. As such, we continue to remain out of any technology stocks or indices (and instead retain exposure to US treasuries) during this uncertain time. What is more certain is how companies are reacting to economic conditions. Just today, Project Titan-- the stealthy self-driving car initiative at Apple-- announced the elimination of 200 positions even though autonomous systems represent one of the company’s most ambitious priorities. This type of “contradictory” cost-cutting is being seen across many companies in the technology space and gives further validity to our model forecasting contracting net profit margins in the technology industry.

@NiravMehta3, Please create your own thread to update your information. It clutters up the threads by posting a new one each time you need to update.

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Thanks for the feedback. In the future, I will have all updates on one thread. Happy trading!

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