New All Time High - Up 20% in 50 Days (Max 2x Margin)

Focused on Technology, Industrial, Utility, and Healthcare Stocks Only.
Very Low Margin Used - Rarely Above 2x Leverage…

Precise (12 Rule) Stock Screener Applied to U.S. Based NYSE/Nasdaq Stocks.
Combines Fundamentals with Precise Technical Timing Method.
Top ‘Five’ Ranking Stocks are Bought (Holding Period Between 1-2 Weeks).
Trades U.S. Based Liquid Companies Only (No OTC’s, Pink Sheets etc).
During Bear Markets, Portfolio is 50% Hedged Using S&P500 ETF (Symbol: SPY).

Are you going to start a new thread for the same system every time it makes a new all time high?

I think you should stick to posting in a single thread about the system.

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For C2 users - equity peak was at 36k, equity now is at 35k. No new equity high happen yet. Don’t be in a rush.