No Margin Used - 15% Up in 4 Weeks. 39 Trades

Trades Just Five Stocks/Week – Captures Deep-Value Companies Ranked By Unique ‘Money-Flow’ Entry-Timing Algorithm. Zero Margin Used (Very Rarely 2:1).

Based on a unique money-flow ‘entry-timing’ algorithm originally developed for my own trading (tested over 10 years of data – pls message me for excel), the strategy invests in NYSE/Nasdaq stocks with a minimum market-cap of $50m, pre-screened to pass a stringent criteria combining strong operating returns, margin stability, minimum cash-flow-to-capital ratio, and low debt-to-capital. From this weekly updated ‘watchlist’, I buy the top 5 stocks ranked by the money-flow algorithm.


Why don’t you invest your own money and become TOS that will help show us how good it is.

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I hear you. I started on C2 30 days ago to test the water - get used to the interface etc - before committing to connecting my broker a/c… its in the pipeline.