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Strategies Making New All Time or 52 Week Highs


For those who may be frustrated that there systems are not on the C2 “Strategies Making New Highs” List, now here is a place to share this news with other developers and potential subscribers. I am among those who are frustrated since my system is back at an All Time equity high after a drawdown from June 9. Below are the results of my system as of today so please feel free to post the results of your system that is making new highs.

(All Time, or 52 week, highs are preferred. The C2 “New Highs” List contains systems making 14, 30, 60 and 120 Day Highs, which I believe are not as significant as All Time or 52 Week Highs).

Some Statistics

System Age - 13 Months
Stocks Only System
Annual Return (Compounded) +67%
Year to Date Return +73.6%
July Return +21.7% (Best Month, so far, of 2017)
Best Month All time (Nov. 2016 +37.9%)
Worst Month All Time (Dec. 2016 -20.3%)
MDD (26.9%)
Winning Trades 60.2%
Winning Months 69.2%
Profit Factor 1.8

Last 30 Days Return +19% (#6 among Stock systems)
Last 60 Days Return +31.9% (#7 among Stock systems)
Last 90 Days Return +34.4% (#9 among stock systems)


Just to illustrate how strange the criteria appears to be for a system to appear on the official C2 “Strategies Making New Highs” list, the following system (which I will not identify) displays these results.

14 Day New high
Age of System 16 Months
Annual Return (Compounded) 12.6%
2016 Return +11% (S&P 500 Total Return incl. Dividends 12.25%)
2017 Return +6.4% (S&P 500 Total Return incl. Dividends 10.50%)
C2 Score in the low 60’s
Has underperformed the S&P since Nov. 2016

On the positive side, the system has a MDD of less than 5% and a Profit Factor of 6.9.

There are NUMEROUS systems with statistics MUCH better than this system, and making New ALL TIME Highs, but somehow, this system is included on the list?! Go Figure!

I will post other examples of these disparities as time permits and when they become available.


My strategy has made all time high today.
It has achieved double digit return for every month since its inception.


you said you didn’t care about getting subscribers so why do you keep advertising here? Cut the price down to $20 a month and it might work


I don’t care about those subscribers who join my strategy only if I offer free trials and discounts.
I care about subscribers who join my strategy for the reason that I can make good money for them.


Quiz: do you know why index investing is better than 95+% of strategies?

Because it never goes to ZERO.


Does it mean that if price will be $20, you cannot make the same performance and “reason that I can make good money for them” will be gone?

Lets be honest you care about how much money you make on subscription only and somehow you think that with higher subscription fee you will make more money. That’s fine. No need to treat everyone around like without brain, if everyone knows exactly your motives. Makes your honesty rather questionable or you don’t understand yourself.



A good looking system and one that would seem to be among those included on the “Strategies Making New Highs” list. I do notice that it is only about 4 months old but the returns have been great.


I do think C2 should make the new high list to only contain those which make all time high.
Even 52 week high is meaningless since if a strategy didn’t make new high in 52 weeks , it didn’t make money in 52 weeks, so even it makes a 52 weeks high now, it is still a garbage.
I suggest C2 use two criterion to select new high list:

  1. Strategies that have more than 3 months history;
  2. Strategies that make all time high.


if you cared so much about subscribers you won’t of abandoned your last system. Your only redemption now is discounts to regain people’s confidence.


You mentioned my last strategy.
On that one I offered free trial and all of those subscribers subscribing my strategy unsubscribed after free trial ended.
There was none paid subscriber ,so tell me why I can’t abandon it?
Would you work for your boss for free? If your boss don’t pay you, would you still work for him? I would call your boss cheap guy, and so are you free trials riders.


Tell me why they unsubscribed and nobody else subscribed?


Just let you know, you are on my ignore list.


I will cry. To make it equal your strategies are on my ignore list :smile:


And what could possibly prevent a stock index from dropping to almost zero?

Keep in mind that S&P 500 Index traders who bought on October 2007 had to sit through an extremely scary 56.4% drawdown for 17 long months before they could see a new equity high.

And this is just an example from the US stock market.

However, Index funds do have much lower operating expenses and management fees.


History. Index never did drop to ZERO in past. And 95%+ strategies did drop to ZERO or were abandoned before dropped to ZERO.


During the Great Depression the S&P 500 lost almost 85% of its value, is that close enough to 100% for you?
And again, what could prevent an even bigger drawdown from happening in the future?

Fact is, buy and hold IS risky, no matter what Wall Street is saying (they have been feeding us B.S. since day one anyway…),

And if you add inflation then Index investing is not that attractive really.

That’s why traders/investors need to manage their account actively. Relying on passive investments has become way too risky

I mean forget “Buy and Hope”, buy when the market is up (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc…), sell short when it’s down, that’s all there is to it.
And that’s precisely what some C2 strategies are doing everyday.


In past, index lost 85% once. It never dropped to ZERO, never was abandoned. And made new highs. In past 95+% did drop to ZERO or were abandoned before dropped to ZERO. The average time live time of strategy is short, very short.compared to index. It is a reason for it.

Look, if you did invest money in index instead in trading, you have money to make your strategy TOS.


By the way, some studies suggest that buying stocks that are making 52 week high (or low) does not give the trader any significant advantage over a simple buy and hold strategy.

Here is an interesting article about this subject:

Quote from the article : “However, at the very least, we can come to the conclusion that there really isn’t an advantage to purchasing a stock based on the 52-week high or low.”


What Ignore list?
I did not put you on any Ignore List.