New Feature: Relative To Market-Open Price

Attention system vendors: another nifty new feature here at C2. Now you can enter orders in advance of the market’s opening and can base your entry on the market-opening price.

Example: It’s Wedenesday at 5pm. You want to enter an order for tomorrow. You want to buy GOOG if it ever goes down 5 points from the market open.

“Ah,” you say, “but how do I know at what price GOOG will open tomorrow?” You don’t. But you can still type in a limit order like this:

Buy at limit O - 5

(That’s the letter “oh” - not a zero.)

You can also set profit targets and stop-losses based on whatever price you receive on your entry. All of this is explained in tedious detail on the help screens attached to the the New Order Ticket. Look for the link marked "Help with relative orders."

This is a new feature, and may have bugs, so please report anything strange to me.


WOW! That’s great! So you can autotrade it too? You may

really be on to something. Shades of Toby Crabel. Very cool.

What’s nice about it is that it’s transparent to AutoTrade users. That is: the system vendor can use this feature when entering orders, and the proper orders are placed in subscriber AutoTrading accounts – but subscribers need not be aware this feature is being used.