New idea.combined protfolio

As we see in combined protfolio section of C2:

people can build 3-5 or any other combinationof systems for better -gains-risk parameters.

as shown in my exampke - follow 3 of my systems is better then only 1

but person who wish to build this need to pay full price and its very expensive.

i solved this personally by giving coupon nt better price for following 3 systems but this time i don’t speak about my systems but generally.

It could have been great if both developers and inverstors will have the chance to label-brand this combined protfolio and give them special name and price.

i mean that in my case i will have another system, let say “tsvika trading” which represent the 3 systems and combined protfolio with price X.

of course this doesnt have to be all systems from same developer/.

so person can build and track and even sell system that is combined from other top traders

if the systems are all from same developer - the price will be as much as the developer like (probabaly less then following all systems in the regular way)

if the systems are combined from others then the price sholud be higher beacause the new developer will pay for the original developer+something for imself. it this case following the combined protfolio will be little higher/

the combined system will have listing fee results like any othe system and will be mark as combined system

really like this idea