Combined Portfolio of 3 leading systems

WOW that a day to start a week.
I use today mainly QQQ SPY calls and we made more them 10K gains on 3 systems.

Its Party Today to CRAZY OPTIONS friends - we pass for the first time ever the 600% gains!

So next week the price of this system goes again to originally price $199 (now $149).
Old friends and current subscribers will have the old price - but you sould ask for it if you pay after FEB-12.

the total price for following 3 system will stay $300 so you get with combined portfolio better risk management (check in portfolio builder its gains more then %1000 and risk %36


free free to ask me anything.
I work for you

3 systems at once (I give all 3 with $300 instead of $597)

Please stop promoting your systems on this forum. I am closing this thread.