"New landing". $99 per month

So the home page has changed, it now says the service costs $99 per month, plus system fees and commissions. Is this correct? Is the $99 pm fee new or did i just miss it when signing up? Thanks

Dear Collective2 staff.

Any answer?

Kind Regards

This is part of our new C2 Preferred broker program.

If you choose a C2 Preferred Broker (currently IB) then there are no per-trade autotrading fees. You can do as much autotrading as you like for $99 flat fee. Regular broker commissions apply.

so there is a choice to pay the $99 per month flat fee or on a per trade basis??

Not all brokers support flat C2 fees, not all brokers support C2 per-trade fees. Contact Melissa at the Help Desk and tell her what you are looking to do, and she’ll help you out. help@collective2.com

OK thanks. If your looking for feedback its not very clear, so I suspect others are a little confused also!

Agree its not that clear , i gave that feedback a while ago , there should be a page with all the fees’ details . Infact there was one but not anymore .