Interactive brokers autotrading fees

If a subscriber wants to auto trade futures with Interactive Brokers , does it always cost 99 per month fixed fee or there is a choice to pay a per trade fee like other brokers ?

The autotrading fee at Interactive Brokers is a flat, monthly fee, currently $99/mo. Of note, for this fee you are able to follow multiple systems.

Autotrading you pay $99 to c2 and $99 to IB?

No …

What is the fee ? Just $99 to c2 and pay by thr trade to IB?

You pay 99 flat fee to c2 plus regular commissions per trade for IB .

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What is the regular commissions? As I trade cl and shows the commission for per trade is $6.1.
Does that mean the $99fee Include the $6.1?

To enable AutoTrade, you can pay C2 a single monthly fee of $99. This is a software license, which gives you access to AutoTrading software. This AutoTrading fee does not change, based on your account size, trade frequency, etc. It is $99.

You still need to pay your broker the regular brokerage commissions that the broker charges. You’ll need to contact the broker directly to understand/negotiate broker commissions. We try our best to estimate them in those places where we show you costs being applied to strategy results, but our estimates are just that - estimates. Only your broker can reveal the exact commission rate you pay.

Here is IB’s commission page for US customers:

wait so we pay C2 $99 and then the developer say $150 + IB commissions?

Developer gets 70% of monthly strategy fee. C2 gets $99 plus 30% of strategy fee. Your broker or interactive broker just get trading commission.