New Message Notification

Every now and then I will get a new message notification that pops up as shown below. However, whenever I go to find the message I cannot find the new message. It doesn’t appear to be in the most recent conversations. Sometimes it has popped up as a C2 message but deep within the C2 conversation rather than the most recent message. It would be really nice to have a new message filter.


I have had a new message indicator like that, showing one message, for a long time, maybe a year. I have archived all my messages but can never get that counter down to zero.

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I had that too at one point then it finally went away. I don’t know why but now it’s back.

I had to find what user the notification came from and just started clicking on their message bubbles and it went away.

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That usually works for me, but I just can’t find it :slight_smile:

yeah i actually did a support ticket for it. they fixed it (i had archived messages at that point, probably one with a message marked “unread” despite being read 10 times looking for the problem)… but when it happened again, i discovered what you just said. probably someone somewhere thought that was obvious. hehe

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