Flashing Message Icon Fixed

The mysterious flashing “you have a new message” icon - which liked to flash even though you didn’t actually have a new message - has been fixed.

Fixed, too.

You are absolutely right. Not only does it not flash, it is no longer visible. That was such a nice solution to the problem.

Hi Alice:

You can still access your private messages by clicking on "My account" and then on "Private Messages", or by going directly to http://collective2.com/cgi-perl/messages.mpl (you need to log in first)


Thanks Igor,

I have been doing that. I am sorry that my message had a sour tone, but I and several others have been dealing with paid subscription cancellations due to some bad C2 coding. The possibility that this complication might lead to some major money loss and is not being addressed by tickets and forms is aggravating to me.

Perhaps you might be aware of this problem. If you have any suggestions to myself or Matthew, please let me know.


I understand your frustration and anger Alice, the prospect of losing big money is certainly one of the most unsettling feelings in the world, but I am sure our friend Matthew is already working on the problem as we speak.

Concerning the email icon, I assume it will be visible only when someone sends you a private message, which is an even better solution in my opinion.

Have a good weekend.

The icon only appears (flashing) when you have new messages. To reach the Private Messages area at other times, look for it under the My Account top menu bar item.

Hi Matthew, seems like glitch on “flashing message icon” didn’t resolved permanently on your platform. Maybe only on papertrading/trial account?

My message count has been incorrect for several days. I had accessed all new messages but the count stayed at 17. New messages increment that, accessing them decrements the count, but it won’t go below 17. No big deal but since the subject came up…

Click on the “X” while in your C2 message center, this will remove and archive your messages.
Then log out/ log in and see if it helps.

Thank you, that worked. I had to click on about 20 different senders, some I hadn’t spoken with for years and had read all their messages back then. And none of the messages showed as unread but when I archived some of them, the count went down. So strange this happened suddenly but nice to know how to fix it.

People are so helpful on the forum, thank you for being one of them!

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