New Order Entry Page!

Trading System Developers- It’s time to take the covers off C2’s latest super-secret project: a brand new, slick, dynamic order entry page.

The new order entry page is designed to be faster and easier to use. It contains all the information about your trades and positions, on one dynamically-updating screen. You can sort trades and hide them from your blotter. You can see your positions without switching back and forth to the public “details” page.

Also, it has a bunch of “quick ticket” features that allow you to enter orders rapidly for your frequent symbols.

Please keep in mind that this new software is in very early beta test. That means, if you use it, be aware there may be glitches. Please report any problems to me, as well as your likes and dislikes about the page, and any suggestions you may have.


Whoops. Forgot to tell you how to find the New Order Entry page. Just go to old, regular order entry page. At the very top, you’ll see a link to the Beta Test Page. - MK

Matthew: feedback link does not working

It’s like an Escher painting. You want to leave me feedback, but the feedback button doesn’t work, so you want to leave me feedback…

It’s fixed now. - MK