New Order Entry Screen

We’ve made some improvements to the Order Entry screen, based on your feedback.

- Now displays live Buying Power for your system.

- Now supports creation of One-Cancels-Another (OCA) groups.

- Fixed bug where point-and-click at Option Chain filled in incorrect strike price.

If you haven’t played with the new screen recently, please give it a try. I think it’s getting close to “official release,” (i.e. will become the default Order Entry screen for system developers here on C2), and I still welcome your feedback and suggestions.



It would be VERY helpful to implement a safeguard warning message when trying to open a stop order on the wrong side of the market.

i.e. a flashing pop-up that warns the developer they are entering a sell (buy) stop above (below) current market price.

Thank you.

Completely Agree !!