New Strategy 333

Hello all I invite you to have a look at strategy 333 which trades Futures.

Here’s what you do…

Copy the link to your C2 system, and paste it in here when you are posting. Otherwise very few are gonna spend the energy to go look at it. I can’t even find it and I was looking for it.

Thanks for that here is the link…

Here is the link to the system

I don’t trade futures but nice start.

Thanks for that slow and steady

I would wish, but this is just a minor, objective critique I am giving, a more descriptive algorithm name. 333 sounds more like a test algorithm’s name than a live one. That’s just my piece of advice I can give you.

Happy trading :slight_smile:

Thanks for that not sure if you can change the system name …

good day, any one know why the system went private ? thanks pj

I can still see it?

It probably went private because it did so well.

Probably why most systems go private. To turn into hedge fund billionaires. :wink:

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Maybe that’s the reason why you didnt make your failed strategies private…

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You seem to fail to react to the topic, just to DZ.

333 was already looking like a proposed fail from the get-go, it was supposed to go wrong from the start. DZ is nothing but pointing that out time and time again.

@LRCManagement is the definition of a troll. Adds nothing to forum discussions. Just comes on to bash me for some odd reason. Sad little man.
Surprised Matthew allows it, but the guy has made like 25 systems so he has paid C2 in the past, which I’m sure is why he is allowed to stay.

I keep all my records public. Trading his hard. Unlike you, who hide your 25 failed strategies. :joy:

So you want to criticize orhers and to hijack every thread on this forum for your own personal hidden agenda and you dont want others to criticize you?! How pity…

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Thread closed. Please consider this a general warning that if someone posts another ad hominem attack on another C2 member in this forum, he will be temporarily or permanently banned from further posts.