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(Please Don't Comment!) Log of Lessons Learned From Closed Strategies

I beg you please do not comment on this thread!
If you want to discuss any posts in this thread start a new thread and link to the post you want to talk about. I want this thread to stay clean and concise and not break out into fights. My goal is to compile a list of lessons learned, it is not to berate strategy managers etc. I intend each post to have some links showing high flying claims then follow up with screenshots of the equity curve, which I know how to do for private strategies too. Posts will only be made for leaders that seem to have left. I don’t want to start any fights with current leaders. So, if you have any strategies you know of that could serve as good lessons please message them to me, and I will add them to the thread.

Strategies by Harry_Lew:

Strategies by Trejos:
Bijagual Version 1

Best Futures CR

Bijagual Version 2
Unlike most on this thread this is private yet successful in the end.

Strategies by Lindex first noticed here: New Strategies Launched this week +30.2% / +19.6%
Activity Log:

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Two more strategies to add that someone pointed out to me. Thank you good sir!

This strategy was originally named Live Forex Signals and was later renamed to Test Live after closing. Per the link above similar things happened frequently. Please notice that is why I am providing a similar link with each screenshot. It allows you to see more than just the strategy recorded in this thread.


I believe this is the first non futures non forex strategy to have been pointed out to me to place on this thread. As you can see it appears they went all in on one cryptocurrency. So this makes sense.

Thank you to the user to notified me of this one.




Many strategies seem to have a decent drawdown then close the strategy while open positions remain making the drawdown look worse. For example the most recent strategy opened a trade in April after the first part of the drawdown but before the worst part. Regardless they seem to have large unexpected drawdowns that start the closing of the strategy.

Anyone should feel free to comment on this thread as much as they like. I think there are some important patterns and revelations from this log. There are certainly enough examples now, but interpret them as you chose.

Mr “Dwight”

It’s very easy to “judge” I would suggest you at least to simulate the strategy before you make any assumptions or claims.
we will not add anything more because it’s doesn’t matter what we will say people will still have their perception no matter what we do.
So, yes we have subscribers you can ask them how we treat them and how other people treat to their clients.
Have a good day.

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I’m sure you treat them well or at least try to. Is using that much leverage wise? I’m not so sure about that - especially to be using it whenever trades go against you. Good luck!


Good finds Dwight. I’ll add that a manager making failed strategies private should be a red flag for any investor. How else can one tell if the manager is just repeating the mistakes of the past, in new instruments, with a ‘new’ strategy?


Care to post and criticize your own C2 system(s), so that we can also learn from them, Dwight?

I’m honored that you want to see my 5 day old strategy. If I had to criticize it I would say the C2 results won’t fully capture the affect of margin costs from shorting VXX. Also it does use margin, but much less than many things I have criticized. However, it uses stops and options as protection in black swan events making the leverage use okay in my opinion. How would you criticize it?

For yours I see you renamed another strategy to “test” just three days ago. I am sensing a pattern. Can 21 strategies be considered a pattern…

FYI for anyone wondering I get the images of private strategies simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to the private strategy.
  2. Grab the strategy ID number which is the number at the end of the URL
  3. Go to
  4. Enter the following code into the website but replace the number 130910599 with the ID number of the strategy you want to view.
    <a href=""><img src=""></a>
  5. Then take a screen shot or screen clipping and share the photo on the forums if you wish. Some browsers you can just post the code straight into the forums, but many people won’t be able to see it. Also, the chart will remain live and keep adding new days to it, which if the strategy is shut down the chart will just become harder to read over time.
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