New System - Pangolin W

I have just finished the development of Pangolin W, an algorithm-driven swing trade system using S&P 500 stocks. Based on feedback I’ve seen here from members (and feedback from subscribers of Pangolin Z) I have built into this system additional trade management features - all trades are fixed at $5000, a 3% stop loss is placed at time of entry (no adding to a losing position), and all entries and exits use limit orders to control slippage. Backtesting results from 2007 to present are available at for those interested in seeing how the system fared during both strong bull and strong bear markets.

I’m offering a 30 day free trial, after which the rate is $50/month. For those members who are currently subscribed to Pangolin Z the rate will be only $29/month. New members may subscribe to both for just $79/month. Just send me a note and I’ll make sure the discount is provided.