New Type of Portfolio

In order to maintain a similar percentage profit, on a monthly basis, developers keep on increasing the number traded as the account grows. This can lead to a challenge for someone that wants to start with the same amount the developer did.

Even though my personal account, that i trade is six figures, I could imagine that eurofox can do very well with a smaller amount than that.

If it is traded with the same amount of money and makes the same amount of profit in $$ each month then the percentage will decrease. Is there some way to have a system where virtual funds are withdrawn by the developer, as they see fit and the percentage ratings are appropriately computed?

Due to the way AutoTrading works, that is not possible.

Subscribers can always scale down positions size to fit to any capital size.

Yes this works if the developer is trading one or two items. But suppose that you have multi day and multi week trading signals possible in 30 futures and thirty forex pairs. As you can imagine one bean contract is not the same as one corn contract when it comes to risk or profitability. If the developer is able to focus upon a set amount of money say 50 or 100K which only has about 50% used as margin. Then he is able to add additional contracts on some signals and go slow on others…all the while keeping in mind the 50 or 100K account size when it comes to margin.

I don’t think that in your example case somebody can use 10k-20k for trading with the model account of 100k. Not due to potential scaling problem, but due to higher risks. Subscriber should have at least 100k to trade and follow 100% of model account or scaling up.