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Autoscaling %age uses Trader account size

Hi, I noticed that Autoscaling %age applies to Traders account size, and not followers account.

It’s counter intuitive to me. I normally think in terms of X% of my own account size.

The problem with this is I continuously need to monitor trader account size, to allocate let’s say 10K of my own account to strategy.

Anyone knows why its set like this?

Scaling is scaling trade size according to your balance against the strategy size. If the strategy is trading at 100k, you set 10% as your scaling.

I think it make sense and it’s logical.

If you set autoscaling to how much of YOUR account you wanted to allocate to Strategy X, Strategy X would have no idea how many shares or contracts or aliquots to trade for you… all Strategy X knows is its own account balance, not yours (nor do you want Strategy X to know anything about your account balance). So @VixTrader is right, you trade approximately the amount you want by choosing an appropriate percentage of Strategy X’s account size. It is unlikely to be precisely $10,000 in your account… you have to live with that imprecision, a small price overall. There is no continuous need to monitor it… if Strategy X goes up by 20%, then ok you’re no longer trading 10k, it’s 12k, but why monitor that? Let compounding work with each strategy according to its success.

Strategy X does not know my balance - but the C2 platform knows my balance.

Forex copy platforms always use scaling based on the %age of Follower’s account. So I find this inverted.

There, we say trade 10% of our account - regardless of what the Trader’s account is.

I guess I will get used to this also.

Thanks, interesting, have never gambled forex myself.

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