Newbie Questions

Being new to Collective2 I have a few questions; but I’m not sure where I should send them. Your email address (in the Contact Us section) is un-responsive. I don’t find the Forum easy to navigate ie: find the proper Category.



feel free to use this forum to ask. Many experienced people here can answer you

How much easier can it be? If you want to find a system, click on " system finder", If you want a ranking of systems, click on " the grid" Everything you ever need to know is on the left margin. If you want to find a trading competition, click on " competitions", If you want to find the best systems, click on " best systems"…The only thing that is difficult to do on C2 is meet hot chics…Jon

"The only thing that is difficult to do on C2 is meet hot chics."

How about a "Hot Chicks" link or a Russian Brides link under "Hot Hands" ??? lol

There are actually a ton of things that a newer trader might not know. Although the links provide some stuff, there is nothing about money management, brokers, choosing which instruments to trade (forex, options, ec.), leveraging, stoploss/profit targets, and many other topics…

Thanks, Ross. Here goes…

I subscribed to a couple of trading systems on Monday and had not received any emailed trade suggestions to date. When I examined the trading system’s home page I found a section (Recent Signals) outlining trade suggestions which had been emailed. However, I have not received an email with the specific signal details.

When I tried to ask questions of the Forum SysAdmin I couldn’t find an email address to whom address my concerns. Needless to say, I am concerned that I have subscribed to a system and that subscription has not been recognized by collective2.

Any thoughts on how to track down this “disconnect”

you can check if you’re subscribed to a system as follows:

- log in

- go to system page

- if you see an “unsubscribe” button at the top of the page, it means you’re subscribed. If it reads “subscribe” you’re not subscribed.

Then go to “edit my account”, scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure “Do not send new trade recommendations” is unchecked.

Finally, check if any C2 messages could possibly have been flagged as spam by your e-mail program.

also, you have a list of "Subscribed To" systems on lefthand side if you scroll down page