Ninja trader market orders

I am using NInja trader and using chart trader. not using the bridge but the legacy way. I always place limit orders but on the C2 side they show market orders and my fill prices are never right, almost like a market order. I am not sure what to do in order to get this executed as i like to execute all orders with limit.

The answer is to use the newer product:

This is how NT7 (and all other platforms) works: (will convert all filled orders to Market):

NT8 will not support anymore C2 sync, they disabled the account grupping functionality.

Please download / try C2Bridge, help us to improve, test, this is the only solution on the market that is capable to sync ALL ORDER TYPES. We will work on NT8 version as well… the main goal is to create a real NT platform integration with C2, better that ever before.

Waiting for feedbacks, ideas, problems from anybody…

You can contact C2 Support or me directly:

Skype: lorant_algotrader

Thank you

Lorant Vari
CEO, AlgoSys LLC
Developer C2Bridge