Problemas with NinjaTrader and Collective

Hello, I´m trying to use the Ninjatrader for send the orders of my system to collective. I did all steps for configuration the Ninja but when i send a signal I have this error.

Ninja trader was unable to submit the trade signals listed below to the C2 server …


Order=‘71d09efd751e43f0b654202c05b2d64a/Sim101’ Name=’’ State=Filled Instrument=‘FDAX 09-10’ Action=Sell Limit price=5954,5 Stop price=0 Quantity=1 Strategy=’(null)’ Type=Limit Tif=Day Oco=’’ Filled=1 Fill price=5955,5 Token=‘71d09efd751e43f0b654202c05b2d64a’ Gtd='01/12/2099 0:00:00’

Could you help me.


Could you help me ?

Hi, Juan:

I apologize for the late reply.

The best way to solve this is to contact NinjaTrader directly, since they are really the experts at configuring and supporting their own NinjaTrader product. Try:

Again, I’m sorry for the late reply. The good news is that the guys at Ninja Trader are incredibly responsive and helpful, and so will hopefully partially compensate for my own inadequate customer service to your initial request.