Ninjatrader - possible problems?

Hi Matthew

I have a Ninjatrader strategy sending trades through to C2. When i woke this AM, 3 trades had succesfully been passed to C2 by Ninja, overnight.

I left everything running, and now return later to see loads of trades according to Ninja, none of which were passed to C2.

Should i take this up with Ninja, or have there been some probs at C2?

The account is 30615071.


Ben Heaton

I’ve asked Ninjatrader if they feel the problem is at their end and they assure me it isn’t.


Ben Heaton

No signals have been sent to C2 by your NinjaTrader since 2:20 AM Eastern time. So the problem is on your end. Whether it’s a computer, Internet, or NT configuration problem I have no idea.

Understood - tks for that.