Since I’m getting poor support from NinjaTrader, hoping someone here can help. Everything is set up according to the C2 instructions but when a trade is placed this message appears, " select a valid account."

Problem solved

Can you share with us how you solved the problem so that other users may benefit?

It was simple, a data feed is needed. I thought the platform would work like C2’s without a data feed required on my end.


If I use NinjaTrader to send trade signals to C2, does it make sense that they would require me to have a data feed on their end since trades are filled at C2 with your data feed? I ask this because it makes no sense to me and the same person who told me this also told me the day before I would have to get a lifetime license to send signals to C2, he later backed off this statement. This guy also said he would set me up with a free trial with Zen-Fire, and they would conntact me through e-mail which I have not received. Everytime I try to get support it’s this same guy responding.

Just hit me why a feed would be needed, for the timeing of the signals being sent. Should have thought a little harder.