Strategy Up 14.1% in 3 Wks - 3.8% Drawdown ZERO Leverage

Trades 5 Stocks/Week - Based on a unique money-flow ‘entry-timing’ algorithm originally developed for my own trading (tested over 10 years of data – pls message me for full excel), the strategy invests in NYSE/Nasdaq stocks with a minimum market-cap of $50m, pre-screened to pass a stringent criteria combining strong operating returns, margin stability, minimum cash-flow-to-capital ratio, and low debt-to-capital. From this weekly updated ‘watchlist’, I buy the top 5 stocks ranked by the money-flow algorithm.

What happened on Trade Pilot SPX1 You had a trade on 5-18-18 DXC that showed a loss of $9997. However even though I have a screen shot of it, it no longer shows on that strategy?


The DXC trade was a merger with PRSP, and C2 made a mistake (without my instruction) of automatically selling it first and swap for PRSP (apparently they have trouble dealing with mergers/acquisition swaps), which was an error on their part. They have subsequently fixed this, so DXC trade is still open with PRSP (merger) and it shows on my ‘open trades’ table. You will be able to see it once I close the position, possibly Monday.

For more info, please see this article:

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Thank you for the explaination.

Went to your website and it shows history of SPX1 but not the other two strategy’s. Are they both new? Also are you going to be TOS with any of your strategy’s?

SPX1 is focused on trading S&P stocks only (liquid), and was my original strategy which I spent some time developing. I may also publish the other two (SPX2, and Value-Matrix) via the website later on this summer, time permitting. But right now, I am focusing on keeping all 3 on C2, which is less time-demanding (they take care of all the day to day stuff, which I prefer as opposed to handling subscriptions etc), and also allows authenticity going forward (with live published trades).