Not sure how System Devs with no Subscribers stay motivated on this Site

Back a while ago, I can’t remember who’m, but I’ve seen a few real top systems Cough Cough ConservProfit and others at a time rack in subscribers like Candy. It were those one-hit-wonders. BlueTrader was another one (Who I lost over 300k to By the way :slight_smile: thanks and never heard back from “Her” “Him” whoever he/she was disguising as on this site was).

Anyway, how do Devs here stay motivated who have built a decent track record but don’t carry one subscriber? Why would you even want to continue on a site like this when the energy and effort of grinding out a performance record worth noting in essence, is worth nothing?

Just curious. How many people actually “Live” off this site? Not have to work, make a decent pay per month… Just curious because I am new to the forum so I don’t know, but not new to seeing what I’ve seen through past experience on the site!

I am a research analyst for a very big PE Group. I make over 250k a year, excluding bonus. The fees on this site are insignificant to me. I love designing trading systems, so to me, it doesn’t matter if I have zero subscribers, as long as I have fun. And no, I don’t make a living off this site.

Care to consider me for a job? :slight_smile:
I ask because some traders who, like me wish to remain sort of anonymous but also build a track record for future income purposes or even greater opportunities down the road should use this site; however, I still think the cat is out of the bag on whether it is net profitable for first time system developers. (Yes, even ones with good systems starting out >60%)

As i understand it, even if you have subscribers, most come and go quickly to take only the free trial.

I would like mathew to extend the developers 6 month price we had before and perhaps many will stay.

My motivation is internal as well as external. I committed to this process as a long-term effort (my Battle Axe Volatility is a long-term, high-risk, high-return strategy designed to be IRA-friendly), and am gratified to have one paying subscriber after my first month, but that subscriber was not necessary for my satisfaction. I look at my first year’s C2 fees as the price for establishing my public credentials as a system builder. I hope that eventually subscriber fees will offset that cost and allow me to reinvest their fees into my strategy. I’m TOS and looking forward to earning enough from subscribers to help wean me off my part-time consulting work and be a truly full-time strategy developer (it’s only mostly full-time now). I need the extra time to write more volatility-related articles for my website and use other avenues to pull in subscribers… and not count on C2 regulars for my followers. But in the end, my motivation is succeeding in my trading, and I will profit from that regardless of the number of subscribers I get. I too would have difficultly staying motivated if my satisfaction came from waiting for subscriber fees to come in and fill up the boat while instead the little fish simply jumped back overboard after a week. That motivation sets one up for disappointment.