Note for subscribers to Sean Kelly Forex Daily

Note that the subscription terms have changed from free to $100 without notice from the owner or C2. I was subscribed specifically because it was free and just wanted to monitor and was lucky enough to have noticed and unsubscribed on the final day possible before I would have been charged $100 (I presume).

This message is just FYI and wishing that subscribers would be notified whenever any subscription terms change.

If my understanding is wrong or I missed an email message, I apologize but, just in case, it is better to be safe than sorry if anybody else is likewise affected.

Hi, Mike:

We do send an email when a system developer changes his subscription policies. Of course it is always possible something didn’t work right with our email software, or that your message was eaten by the giant Spam Filter in the Sky.

In any case, it is never our goal to have people pay for a system they don’t want, and if it ever happens to you (or anyone reading this) that a system price changed and you feel you weren’t notified, just dash me an email and I’ll make sure you are refunded.


Thanks Matthew.

That is good to know about the refund policy. Maybe I missed the email about the change of terms and the email about my credit card being charged soon (assuming that I don’t qualify for the 30-day free trial since I have been subscribed for several months).