Revenue Report

Hi, I started off with a free trial of my system. During the free trial, I had 10 subscribers join the system. I then went to a pay by week if profitable, at that time I had 1 more subscriber join me. So now I have a total of 11 subscribers.

However, when I clicked on the revenue report for my system, it just shows a pending payment from just that new subscriber, and not the others that joined previously.

Am I not also supposed to get paid by them? I don’t feel like letting 10 people have a free ride while others that join after pay.

Can you please fix this, and let me know what is going on, will I get paid by my other subscribers?


— Brad.

By the way, all 11 should have a charge pending since my trades were all profitable last week. I only see 1 subscriber with a charge pending.


— Brad.

Not positive about this, as I don’t know what terms you were using during the free period, but… If you had, say, a 30 day free trial, that 30 days will have to expire before the new terms take effect for those that subscribed early.

Or I could be totally wrong…


I will see what the administrator says on this issue hopefully by Wed morning. If I don’t get a response or if he can not fix the problem, I will ask my early subscribers to unsubscribe and re-subscribe. I may not trade this week until the problem is resolved.

My goal was to give all subs the month of June free trades since it was a new system and then switch to a performance model where they only pay for weeks that I make profitable trades.

Well so far no response from the administor on my issue with the revenue report. However, I would like to make one more comment on the new order entry page for entering in forex orders, you no longer have the "see system button." I have to use the old order entry system to be able to see the sysetm so I know what trades I have already entered in. Thankfully, you have kept the old order entry system so I can go there to enter in orders and also use this feature.

Ok, just got an e-mail from Matthew that he is going to work to fix the problem and that I should give him 10 days. That is fine. Thanks.

I will continue to issue trades to my subscribers and not mention anything.