If the new pricing starts, I will quit

It is unreasonable to double the listing fee. The old charging is 240$ per year, now to get the same function it is going to be 39*12=468$. The “start” can just trade future and Forex. Don’t the site owners understand the future and Forex are the highest risk tradings? Insane. C2 will lost tons people like me.

Anyone else with me?

i agree. I will also quit. Will not be able to afford it. Thanks.

Yep, the commercials won’t make sense anymore, but I probably quitting too if not a surge in subscribers…

Why not just choose legacy pricing? You don’t have to choose new pricing models. Just pay 2 yr in advance.

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Will the additional listing fees go to marketing, promotion, and advertising? Otherwise, it is just a way to raise prices with the Trade Leaders getting nothing additional in return.

I am with you too. It is totally ridiculous. I only have one month listing left. I am quitting for sure. NOT HAPPY with the pricing change at all!

I am not sure C2 will survive that long. C2 is taking the huge risk to double the price is an indication that there is something going to happen, I guess.

Does c2 make more from listing fees or 30% sub split + $99 autotrading fees?

Listing fee is 10% of c2 revenue vs sub fee split + auto trade is 88% of their revenue. I think it’s done intentionally by the c2 team to raise the stream of income or weed out that portion of the business pool.

Just like any business, why spend 80% of your time with customers who generate 10% of your revenue. Vs growing new customers that is 80% of your revenue and is taking up 10% of your time.

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Honestly, any half decent trader can afford the new listing fees so I don´t get the rage here. If someone can not afford it that means he has zero subscribers or he doesn´t make enough profit which usually tells its own story.
Personally I like how C2 establishes itself as a high-quality service for investors with larger pockets than the average forex crowd you see on other websites. It´s just reasonable that they demand a higher commitment from their Trade Leaders by charging a reasonable listing fee. After the recent (and very necessary) changes in features of the individual tiers the new payment model is really not bad at all. That´s my opinion of course but everyone should notice that Mathew is taking the trade leaders concerns serious.

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Complete nonsense . Your post makes zero sense. If there are no systems then there will be no subscribers revenue .

Without a stream of trade leaders and systems this website is ceases to exist.

Anyway next year they are going to change the auto trading fees which indicates that your argument is flawed .

Ps. I dont mind the price increase but i want something new for the extra paid money .

As long as top c2 systems doesn’t leave, their business model is fine. Until subscribers leaving in wave or top systems leave c2 the won’t care.

I been in an industry where we gauge 80% of our clientele so they will leave our book of business. We didn’t tell them to face to face, we upped our price by 50%. They are only 20% of our revenue. They can decide to overpay for their service or go to a competitor. We do this once every 3-4 yrs. and focus on the other 20% clients who are 80% of our revenue. It free up time for us to find new clients that we want.

C2 wants to bring up their revenue and income. And they changed their pricing models completely. And that’s their approach. To be fair Not like c2 is not giving you an option to stay with the legacy price. If you don’t want the new pricing just buy a yr in advance of the old price. That’s what I did.

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Top systems wont leave now but they wont be top systems for long . Subscribers leave all systems at some point any mistake or drawdown or even sideways equity curve the subscriber is out .

So all top systems here will lose their subs at some point . You need a stream of trade leaders and systems for this business to thrive , if for example just the top 20 systems stayed here it will be the end .

Look at all the top systems they are mostly new ones , but what happened to the old ones ? Oops.

Anyway i dont mind the pricing i already opted in for the new plans nor i think trade leaders will leave just wanted to comment on your rationale .

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Totally agree. If the website cannot suck in the new traders/subscribers, what is the future. Does the website sell a coca or a airplanes? The problem of this business model is the distribution. The traders and the subscribers are the same group of people. This is the point.

The way I see it, C2 will get increase in revenue from all listings. No trade leader will leave if they are making money ( unless there was alternative to C2 ). Some trade leaders will try to increase subscriptions ( no subscriber will leave if they are making money ) to recover their extra cost, thus resulting in more revenue for C2. This will make C2 more attractive to new investors, which they are seeking.

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That´s interesting. How will they change the autotrading fees and where did you get that info? Thanks.

I read some info from their rep at elitetrader forums , i dont want to post details here you may search for it there .

As the rep put it : "What this will mean is a very real, HUGE hit to C2’s bottom line, as it will represent a massive price reduction for most followers who only subscribe to a single strategy. " .

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Totally agree.
But this stream should be cleaned up a bit, in order to keep affluent subscribers stream. :slight_smile:

I have enough subscribers to make it work and don’t intend to quit… however it’s a 400% increase in listing fee cost (since I use the API) which is outrageous. I would never have developed my system on C2 if the API cost this much when I first started.

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For someone like me starting 5 strategies it is going to hurt as I have one subscriber over them all. The increase is to make the PE investment attractive but its probably going to make me reduce my strategies and maybe others, so maybe counterproductive and risky but then again not sure the PE investment would happen so understand the increase.