NYMEX Symbol re-Alignment

Symbology for NYMEX energy products has been changed (and several electronic contracts added).

We now offer both pit and electronic versions of Propone (PN and QPN), Natural Gas (NG and QNG), Heating Oil (HO and QHO), Crude Oil (CL and QCL), and RBOB Gasoline (RB and QRB). In addition Emini versions of these products are also available.

The most important change is that electronic trading-hours symbol for crude oil is now QCL and not @CL. If you are using TradeStation to enter your orders, please make any necessary adjustments in your TradeStation workspace names.

Need help? Please see C2’s futures symbology guide, reachable either from alink on the order-entry page, or here:



and traders of both pit and electronic versions of Propone are called PROPONENTS :slight_smile: