OEC autotrading

I have checked with OEC regarding autotrading more C2 futures systems in a single account and I was told that this is not possible as it contravenes CFTC regulations 1.46. quote: "CFTC Reg 1.46 states this is not permitted, one short and long position = no position"

But in C2 website under autotrading I find: "# Trade multiple systems at once. You can AutoTrade as many trading systems as you like in one brokerage account – even if the systems trade the same things, and even if the systems trade in opposite directions!

# Trade anything. AutoTrade supports stocks, options, futures, and forex."

Which one is correct?

I’d like to know who specifically you spoke to at OpenECry (OEC) (perhaps let me know via private email) because whoever it was gave you astoundingly bad information. Yes, of course it’s true that you can’t carry literal long and short positions simultaneously in the broker’s books… but there is no need to do that, and C2 never allows that to happen.

C2 Autotrading handles everything transparently and automatically: when one system is long 3 @ES and another system is short 2 @ES, then your actual brokerage account will show long 1 @ES, which is perfectly fine, and entirely accurate.

This ability to AutoTrade multiple systems, even if they take opposite sides of a position, has been in place for, oh, five years or so, and works perfectly, so I’m amazed that you’d hear otherwise. Perhaps you spoke to someone there who wasn’t yet familiar with C2 AutoTrade technology.

In any case, to summarize: Yes, it is fine to trade as many systems as you want in one brokerage account.

That’s what I thought. And I was surprised. This came out by chance, but since it was coming from the …one at least horses mouth I thought it was important to double check.

I will send you the name via private mail.

Not that I want to trash or promote any broker (I have had an account with OEC for a long time, by the way) but I would be very interested in knowing what is C2 clients experience autotrading with OEC. Is there a way they can PM me or some other way without me flashing my private address on the forum?