Auto Trading with 2 Different Accounts

Hi, tried running a search on this but wasn’t getting anything returned.

Was wondering how to activate auto trading in two different accounts (MB trading)?

Changed the account for one system on the auto trade control panel and all systems I’m currently trading switched immediately to that account.

The goal is a couple of systems trading in one account, another system trading in a different account.

Many thanks for any assistance.

Hi Sam,

Only way to do it is with multiple C2 accounts. C2 isn’t built to handle more than a 1-1 relationship with broker accounts.

You’ll have to unsubscribe some systems from the one C2 account and resubscribe under the different user.


Actually, there is a way to do this.

Most brokers nowadays have at least two AutoTrade Servers. So you can trade System A at Broker Server #1 and System B at Broker Server #2.

This is currently in place for brokers like optionsXpress, but I need to turn on an additional server for MB Trading. It may take me a day to do so, but hopefully I’ll get to it sooner.

I’ll post here when done.

Whoops, sorry Matt! Maybe I’ll finally remember the second server thing when I finally start trading Gen3!

Thanks guys for the quick replies.

Sounds like either option works. I did spot a reference to a second server option at broker selection during the auto trade set up now that you mention it- would definitely be great.

For any future readers of the thread-

Matt helped me out with this and there is a 2nd server available for MB forex (broker selection screen, auto trade set up), so trading with 2 accounts through MB Forex is no problem.

Thanks again!