Autotrade two different accounts for same broker

There seems to be a limitation in auto-trade. If I setup auto-trade to trade a system in one account (first account) with OptionsExpress and then try to setup a system to auto-trade in another (second) account at OptionsExpress then C2 changes the first setup to auto-trade in the second account (turns off auto-trading in first account and now both systems auto-trade the second account)

In other words, there doesn’t seem to be a way to setup autotrade for different systems in different accounts at the same broker.

If I’m mistake and there is a way, I would love to hear it. Otherwise I’m going to have to setup seperate C2 accounts to handle this.

BTW - Set this up using the Autotrade Wizard 3 - perhaps (hopefully) it’s just a bug in this wizard. I would like to get a definitive answer before do anything like try the old wizard.

Thanks for any help



C2 has a built-in limitation of one brokerage account per broker per C2 login.

This means you can trade multiple accounts from a single C2 login if they are all at different brokers, but if you have more than one at a specific broker you will need a second C2 login.


Does that mean you can now trade the same system at two different brokers simultaneously? I tried that a couple of month ago and was told that can not be done within the same log-in. Have things changed now?

No that is not allowed.