% of viewers that have you on ignore?

Mathew I think the % of people that have me on ingore feature is wrong . I am showing 72% when usually it is about 4%. Ross is showing 121% of people ignore him. Although these figures seem way different than what they use to be, other people I have checked don’t seem to be different. Since I am posting very little lately I doubt that I have been able to allienate that many people. Thanks Rick Haines

about the only thing this feature has accomplished, is to kill off interesting discussions. Lew, Sam, Randy, Jules and a number of others have pretty much disappeared, and now this place has become almost a ghost town…

I agree, I seriously doubt that many people have myself on ignore. And, Ross, it would not surprise me if it was high, but there is a definite glitch in the system that suggests these values are incorrect to a large degree of certainty.

I agree. The ignore feature should abolished. It does not have any positive effects.

Beau I disagree. The ignore feature cleaned up C2 as far as I am concerned. Before we had the ignore feature we had self righteous posters that couldn’t make any money trading however they were saving the new traders of coming on and losing all of their money on a signal they were not smart enough to analyze themselves. The only discussion the ignore feature has eliminated is the unconstructive type. There are very few posters the ignore feature has a high number on, those are the only posters effected. For the rest of the population the low ignore feature has no effect.

Having said that Mathew I sure wish you would fix it to show the correct % on the few that are incorrect. Thanks Rick Haines [LINKSYSTEM_27416498]

Without the ignor feature, I wouldn’t look at the forums at all…

I do not have hardly any people on ignore, and I have not had a problem reading the forums. Most times if there is somebody posting that I’m ignoring I’ll take them off ignore to see what they’re saying. I do know absolutely that it is impossible to be ignored 120% of the site. It’s like saying everybody ignores you and 20% of everybody who joins WILL ignore you, which doesn’t make a lick of sense.

I vote that the ignore function should stay, but the percentages should be fixed or not be displayed at all.

The reasons why we asked the ignore function were very valid. Remember the endless futile discussions with the various aliases of a certain individual…

The 121% ignore rate of Ross must be wrong, and that makes all other percentages suspect too. Including the 74% of Richard. It does not make sense to display percentages that are obviously in error.

It is true that there were less discussions lately, but not all of this is caused by the ignore function. I my case there are other reasons (although 71% admittedly is not really encouraging). I think that ST and Randy also had other reasons to spend less time on the forum.

I am sure it is off… Jules- I seriously doubt 71% have you on ignore… you hardly post anymore and when you do, its usually insightful and thought out… there has got to be glitch

I will investigate the ignore % and see what’s going on.

I personally think the ignore [forever] function is counter productive to a site that is trying to build a respectible "community" of traders / investors / vendors, etc.


But it’s precisely because of that desire for a ‘respectable’ community that it was introduced in the first place. There were certain users who routinely verbally abused others and there is no question that since the ignore feature was introduced they have effectively been muzzled and the flame wars have largely disappeared.

Jon I agree 100%. This was not a respectable community, it was a perfect example of a bad neighborhood. Rick Haines

I agree to a certain respect, but now that it has died down (the bashing), maybe it can be turned off for a while. Although I guess it doesn’t really hurt to have it as long as the % is accurate.


For the most part, there were two people that could not get along. Perhaps the ignore feature should only be used by Matthew to keep things civil, or to let things cool off.

When a bunch of people use the ignore feature, postings no longer make sense to them and then people lose interest.