Ignore Feature now available

As usual, new features mean new, unforeseen problems. Even so, I think we’ll all be relieved to know that now you can ignore people in the forums, and also forum administrators can ban people from posting. Of course, in the spirit of full transparency, other people will be able to see that you, as a forum administrator, have banned a poster. So if you tend to ban people that ask hard questions about your trading system, for example, it may not reflect very well on you. Thus I strongly discourage the use of banning unless there is obvious reason.

Let me know if you notice any problems with the new features, or if I’ve forgotten something really obvious.

A small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind.

Women will also benefit from this.

"You make the world a happier place."


This is definitely a step in the right direction. I noticed MK posts does not have this functionality LOL

A couple of possible bugs:

1. On some forum views, I see the option to look at whom I may be blocking and also to view all posts within this topic. But this option does not always appear. Sorry that I can’t help debug, as I can’t seem to make this option appear/disappear with any consistency.

2. “Ignored by 100% of those who use ignore feature” is clearly not correct. I’m not ignoring Sam Cook, but this line appears under his name. Is it perhaps possible that if anyone is ignoring someone it will show as 100%?


The forums are suddenly much cleaner… Thanks…

Not a "bug" in particular, but you might want to consider having a list ala "ragingbull.com" that allows you to see who you have ignored and unignore them at some future point if you choose to for some reason…


Okay… you can ignore that previous post… I see that my suggestion was unnecessary as the feature is already present…


Great! A question: Is ignoring someone "forever" reversible? If so, how?

Before the posts, there is a link that says "Who Am I Ignoring?"

If you click on that you get a list and the ability to stop ignoring them…

That link to “Who am I ignoring?” may not be displayed if you aren’t ignoring anyone… Not sure about that…

Ok, thanks. Indeed that link doesn’t show if you don’t ignore anyone. That’s why I got confused. Now it’s all clear.

Nice and it’s very necessary feature. It works good so far. Only one suggestion is to not show at left side -> Forums -> New messages if last replier is in ignore list. However, it’s just suggestion.


Would it be possible to extend the ignore functionality to chat messages?

You mean the chat area on the "home" page?

Yes, that’s what I meant.

By the way,

I reluctantly decided to block someone for a week (for now) just because they insisted on replying to Palsun with quotes in their posts which made me have to read his posts anyway… Man, I’d rather see people ignore these guys then get into long winded debates with them and include their “ignored by me” posts in posts of someone I haven’t ignored…

somehow, it seems that C2 half the forum problems are directly or indirectly due to Palsun… lol

> Man, I’d rather see people ignore these guys then get into long winded debates with them…

I’m sure you are right…but sometimes it’s an amusing indulgence. Also,

there is an old trading technique where you paper trade opposite a

position you want. When you get stopped out of your paper trade, then it’s

time to get in. This gives you detachment from the trade. Similarly, I often learn from these arguments. My “research” teaches me what not to do.

BTW, the ignore feature is very clean. You can ignore anyone, and then with the click of the mouse see everyone for that session only. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Very nice job MK.

I know what you mean Sam,

I’ve indulged in that guilty pleasure myself…

and I also agree.

the block feature is very clean… nice… Thanks also Matthew…