On fees, site...etc

I see several issues with the website, fees, etc.

1. The websites and their rankings are indexed by search engines based primarily on the number of links from other sites. In other words, the site needs to have a banner or a link listed on other sites that connects to it from those other sites. I’m sure people here have their personal sites that can list collective2.com thus creating better inter-linking.

2. I checked HTML meta-tags on the “home” page in collective2, they are ok; meta-tags are other pieces of information search engines check for. However, “keywords” and “description” can be expanded to include more terms connected with “trading”, “trading system”, etc. Meta tags can also be included in other than “home” page. Also, to improve search engine ranking most used search engines charge a fee to those who want their sites come on top of the heap, so it is not a free listing.

3. Then, when it comes to fees, we know well that there’s no free lunch, so I’m not against a fee, however, we could have the option to sign up some of our friend and in that way reduce the subscription fee. Say, if the annual fee is $75, then by signing 5 people by some referral system that fee could be reduced by certain amount.

Obviously, this could only work after this site had its problem worked out with the hardware upgrade, etc., which is not the case as yet.

4. Most of us would probably agree on at least this point: this site is unique and as such is worth of promoting. Therefore, we could be users but also co-sponsors and promoters, if possible.