Open position details

The details are missing for open positions.

Maybe try re-logging in.?

I have tried logging in again and a different browser

Ok. Hopefully someone ‘in the know’ will post.

Maybe use the support/help mechanisms as well?

Also, it seems the Last Trade statistic is different for a subscriber and a non-subscriber. I believe the difference in days is the time frame that the System Developer hides the information for closed trades.

The number of days since the last trade should be the same whether someone who is a subscriber or not is viewing your trading system.


  1. I thought the details for open positions were extraneous and these were removed in the latest rev. I will bring back something similar soon.

  2. FuturesTimer: the “last trade stat” does indeed differ depending on whether you are a subscriber or not. This is new, and is an improvement, in my opinion, because under the old “same-stat-for-everyone” view, the “last traded when” statistic made it possible for current trade positions to be inferred for those systems that are always in the market and which prefer to delay trade data for non-subscribers.

Matthew, I think you are wrong about the details for open positions being extraneous. As an auto trader that has no time to log into TWS or follow a system’s buy/sell emails, this is the place I go throughout the day on C2 to see what is actually going on. It is fast and meaningful.

Also, why do you think that information is more valuable after a trade is complete where you do show it. I am more concerned about my trade while I hold positions, than after it is closed.

OK, trade details have been returned to the desktop system page view. :smiley:

Will return shortly to mobile view, too.


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Let’s give at the developer the option to decide whether to keep visible or not the open position statistics for non subscriber . Why a non subscriber should know in RT when the last trade has been performed? I am a developer of lower freq. systems and I have noted that It is actually possible follow a system through the Last Trade/P&L statistics without be a subscriber. I noted that others with similar setup to mine in order to avoid this inconvenience hide their systems for period of time. This is not optimal but reasonable for the perspective of the developer. It is in the interest of the developer and C2 give the right to the developer to decide how long postpone this key statistics . I am, seriously worried about that and I am asking a fair solution to avoid this inconvenience.

Thank you very much.

They have never been available to a non subscriber. But, as a subscriber it is very helpful.

I think he’s talking about the fields that “leak” the current trade to non-subscribers like the old “Last Trade” stat. There are more than a few fields that leak trade state.